Devel­op­ing a brand can be dif­fi­cult when it’s yours. Being very close to a project often means you are either hyper crit­i­cal or design­ing with rose-col­ored glass­es. While we would love the oppor­tu­ni­ty to design a logo for you (*cough* con­tact us *cough*), we know it isn’t in every busi­ness­es bud­get. Pop­u­lar font sites throw out dozens, even hun­dreds of trendy fonts that look pret­ty in the sam­ple — but can it work for you?



Brush Scripts

While fonts like this are pop­u­lar in girl­ish adver­tis­ing, it isn’t rec­om­mend­ed to use as your logo. The longer your brand name is, the longer it takes to read and under­stand what it is you are try­ing to con­vey. They often make your words quite long to be even near leg­i­ble, so cus­tomiza­tion can’t tru­ly be uti­lized. While this par­tic­u­lar style is very on trend, it won’t con­tin­ue to be. This is the crop top of fonts. Use it in adver­tis­ing or for a per­son­al blog or social media page.

Allia typeface from Envato is $11 USD.



Round Fonts

Round fonts are dif­fer­ent. They’re slight­ly fem­i­nine and fam­i­ly friend­ly. If you find a sim­ple, easy to read set don’t shy away. Great for restau­rants, cof­fee shops, and bou­tiques. The only con is that they can only be con­densed so far, so they real­ly are best used for short­er names if you don’t envi­sion the lux­u­ry of the white space it real­ly needs to stand out.

Opificio typeface from Envato is $170 USD.



Stylized San Serif Fonts

One of our favorite kinds of fonts to use for logos is a sub­tly styled sans-ser­if. Why? They’re gen­er­al­ly easy to read on both print and dig­i­tal media and have more inspi­ra­tion than say, Hel­veti­ca. They eas­i­ly con­vey a mes­sage and when that mes­sage aligns to your busi­ness — JACKPOT. A great logo is born. The down­side is you will prob­a­bly have to pay for a great style that isn’t over designed (yes, that’s a thing).

Caredrock typeface from Envato is $13 USD.



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