Over the years myself and team mates have re-brand­ed and updat­ed sev­er­al web­sites that hadn’t been touched in over a decade. Com­pa­nies like Pep­si­co and Star­bucks have had no prob­lem keep­ing their logo up to date with the evolv­ing taste of the youth, but should you invest in updat­ing and if so, how often?

Our IT guru, Tom, sug­gests keep­ing your web­site updat­ed as often as pos­si­ble — sim­ply for secu­ri­ty rea­sons. Whether it is a Word­Press site or hand cod­ed, new issues are formed and then resolved on a reg­u­lar basis.

Cer­tain clients are more prone to attacks. The eas­i­est way to ward off evil doers is to keep your server main­tained, keep your plu­g­ins updat­ed, and have pro­fes­sion­al secu­ri­ty in place.

Even if you can’t afford full-time ded­i­cat­ed web staff, invest in reg­u­lar­ly main­tain­ing your web­site. While you’re there, take some time to clean up out­dat­ed graph­ics. Image size and qual­i­ty is the biggest give­away for an out­dat­ed site. Look for over­ly styl­ized type­faces of yore as well. Does the text and imagery seem extreme­ly small on your new com­put­er? Bring it up to a leg­i­ble size. We have reti­na dis­plays now.

Don’t wor­ry, you don’t have to go full min­i­mal­ism, espe­cial­ly if you have a lot of great con­tent.

So how often should you rebrand?

The truth is that there is not one set amount of time. If any of the­se exam­ples sound like your com­pa­ny, it may be time:

  • Your brand rel­e­vance is trail­ing away with new­er gen­er­a­tions.
  • You’ve recent­ly had a change in lead­er­ship.
  • You’ve recent­ly had a dra­mat­ic change in the num­ber of employ­ees (who are they, and are they also a cus­tomer?)
  • Have you expand­ed or oth­er­wise expe­ri­enced major growth? You may have to buy a new pair of big boy (or girl) brand­ing.
  • Are you on a mis­sion to acquire a new mar­ket? Now your brand­ing has to appeal to both.
  • Has your rep­u­ta­tion as a com­pa­ny slipped, and now has to be repaired?

What do you think, is it time to update?